Welcome to Nurture Your Sprout!


Our blog aims to give the modern mom and dad practical advice regarding their little ones’ growth. Our goal for this blog is to promote healthy growth and development through evidenced based practices and family interactions that we have studied and used in our academic and professional careers.  Through our blog posts, it’s our hope that parents will feel empowered in their own abilities to help their children thrive. We understand that only you are the expert on your own child and we are here to support your parenting skills! Our easy-to-read (who needs confusing jargon?) posts will bring together the very best in child development, nutrition, and mental health, and you can expect it all to be from reliable, evidence-based practices. After all, our own education and experience in the fields of child development, nutrition/dietetics, and psychology are known for their heavy investment in research.
Here you will see posts on various topics like helping your child learn through play, the best toys out there for your little one, meeting development milestones, surviving dinner with picky eaters, and managing anger in kids.
We can’t wait to build a community with other parents seeking answers to important questions about their rambunctious, inquisitive, sweet-tempered (or not so sweet!), loving kids. Join us in nurturing our little sprouts!
For more about the authors, check out our About Us page

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