It is true. I’m growing a human, and can I tell you? It has been hard.  Dylan and I have been planning to start our family soon, and we were looking forward to seeing those two pink lines. My husband was a lot calmer about waiting then I was, but I couldn’t help wondering how long it would take to finally get pregnant. I was getting stressed about it, so we decided to take some time off from trying  (isn’t this how the story seems to go? when you stop trying…) Well one day we were in a discount store and I saw some pregnancy tests for sale (the really expensive digital ones), and they were half off!! Of course I bought them, and some feminine products because I knew my monthly visitor should be there any day… Later that night when we were in bed, I realized that I was a little late, and it was the time I could check if I was pregnant… It kept me up all night. I didn’t want to use the nice pregnancy tests though, because I wasn’t really expecting to get a positive, but I had to know! Thankfully, I remembered that I had some cheap ones from the dollar store. So, 5:50 in the morning I snuck into the bathroom and took a test… And there they were, two lines! I couldn’t even believe it. So how to tell Dylan? For months I had been thinking about how to share the news that we had been waiting for. I had some really good ideas (thank you pinterest,) but at that moment I didn’t think I could wait to do any of those cute things (and Dylan really wouldn’t have cared anyway). I rationally decided to at least wait until the sun came up. Well I hopped back in bed and snuggled up to Dylan and he said ‘what’s up?’ (I usually don’t cuddle in the middle of the night). I had a choice, I could make the calm, rational choice and wait until Dylan was awake and aware of what was going on, or I could just excitedly blurt out what was on my mind. For those of you who know me, you can guess that I picked the latter. I just said ‘I’m pregnant!’ He played along and said “Really, you got a positive test, just now?” I was so excited to tell him yes!!! We shared in our excitement, but soon after Dylan said “Let’s finish celebrating when we actually get up.” He has made a few jokes about ruining our night of sleep, but I’m pretty sure he forgave me.

Like I said before, it has not been easy.  I had an idea that pregnancy might be difficult, not easy of course, but I have cried more then I thought I would. I’ve been around a lot of expectant mothers and have studied and read a ton a books about pregnancy, so you’d think I would have a pretty reasonable idea of what to expect. I did not ;). Really, it seems like every woman and every pregnancy is different, so I’m not sure anyone really has any idea what to expect. Week six rolled around and my nausea hit pretty hard. I remember thinking how do women do this while caring for their other children… But as time went on I learned that you just deal with it, take care of yourself best you can, and hope it passes. I know a lot of women for whom it doesn’t, but I am grateful to say that I’m in my second trimester and feeling good, great even (especially compared to how I was). I’m about seventeen weeks along and due in November. Please share some tips on how to survive the summer heat during pregnancy, I already bought myself a kiddie pool to cool off in!

I know that for a lot of women it is difficult to get pregnant, and some are told they will not be able to ever get pregnant. But they still have their own journey to motherhood. We all have different journeys and I love hearing how each person finds motherhood in their life. I can’t wait to share my journey with you, and I look forward to all the advice you’ll send my way 😉

XO Deborah 

2 thoughts on “Expecting

  1. Yay! Congrats Deborah. I love reading others motherhood stories. It brings back the excitement I felt when we found out each time we were pregnant. Kiddie pool 👍🏻 take it from me (two babies born in the summer months; one while living in AZ) AC and cold showers are your best friend and I ate a LOT of watermelon 😉 Good luck and I’m excited to read more of your story!


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