Realities of Pregnancy

IMG_20160629_114836I was hoping to post about car seat safety, to piggy back on last weeks post on containers… but as you know life gets crazy and I wasn’t able to get some of the info I wanted to share with you about that. Don’t worry I’ll get to it soon; I promise. I thought I would just share some thoughts I’ve had lately, especially about becoming a new mom.

I have always loved children and for the past three years I have worked with young children. I always knew I wanted children and have been looking forward to the day that I could have children of my own, and now that that day is here I feel so different then I thought I would… I’m still immensely excited but the reality of the situation is starting to settle in.

During one of my home visits recently with the cutest kiddo, I had an inner anxiety attack. This is the sweetest little guy and for some reason or another he was having a rough day… I’m sure you parents out there know the day. Nothing seems to go right, naps are off, they aren’t interested in eating, their favorite stuffed animal is missing, and you are tired because you were up late with them. Well during our visit, he was inconsolable and nothing, not even the bubbles (which will turn any child around), was working. In that moment I thought “thank heavens I’m only here for an hour” which led to me realizing in the very near future I would be that parent and I couldn’t leave after an hour of tantruming… am I ready for that? Do I have enough patience? Do I even have patience?

Something else I’ve been thinking about is what type of parent will I be? I mean I know plenty of theories and best practices for little ones according to research and secondhand experience but how will I handle sticking to a schedule, dealing with a sleepy spouse and a needy little one, when I’m feeling exhausted myself? While I’m writing this I’m hoping that someone out there has thought these same thoughts… you have right?!

I also can’t help but feel strange about the body change. It’s amazing to grow a little one, but goodness it does feel frustrating to not fit into any of your pants, but not be big enough to  wear maternity pants… which has resulted in leggings and skirts, and a hodge podge of outfits. I hope that this doesn’t come across as complaining but more wanting to be honest, and hopefully relatable. But please tell me that my body will be somewhat the same again?!

This next week will be my first ultrasound and I’m so excited. I mean I had an ultrasound at my ten week appointment but it was on that little portable machine that my doctor called the Fisher Price ultrasound. All you could see was a blinking dot. But this one is like seeing my little one for the first time!! And finding out the gender is pretty exciting too 😉

Even though I have some doubts and lots of questions, I feel so lucky and humbled to be getting a little one of my own. And of all the women I know and have met, I’ve learned that they just make it work and the best thing I can do is just love my baby. What are some concerns or questions did you have during pregnancy or maybe have right now??

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