Tripping and Eating

Vacation foodTripping as in vacationing… not as in falling down.  Falling and eating are never a good combo.  Vacationing and eating can definitely be a good combo if done thoughtfully and carefully.  Anyone have any end of summer travel plans? One of our own is spending some time on the sand this week (lucky duck), and we are heading up to Bear Lake soon for a family reunion (according to utah.com bear lake is known as the Caribbean of the Rockies so that’s basically Hawaii right?! ha!).  Summer vacations are fantastic, but feeding littles while traveling can turn into a nightmare pretty quick if you aren’t prepared.  Here’s a few thoughts to make your summer travel a little more manageable…at least in the food department.

Sticking to your regular eating schedule is super important when it comes to summer travel.  Whether you’re on the road or on the beach, plan your meals and snacks around times when your sprouts would normally be eating.  Making sure they stay fueled and hydrated leads to happy tummies which should help lead to happy travelers.  Avoiding grazing throughout the day also ensures your littles will be hungry at their normal meals/snack times.  If that’s not enough to convince you to follow a schedule, remember that throwing their eating schedule off for a week during vacation will surely continue long after the vacation is over.  Keep everyone happy and stick to your schedule!

Visiting family is one of the best ways to spend your summer vacation.  We’re big on family time at Nurture Your Sprout, but occasionally family likes to indulge those little cuties with more sweets than they probably need.  If you are concerned about your sprout over indulging with relatives don’t be afraid to politely set boundaries.  Encourage family members to show their love in ways that doesn’t involve food, like quality time playing or reading books. Trust me, they’ll still love you (at least my family still loves me!).

Growing up one of my favorite parts of road tripping (other than the destination, of course) was the eats.  I got my own special road trip drink and my mom always made plenty of delicious foods (including an amazing fruit bowl) to keep us fueled with something containing some nutritional value.  Whether driving or flying, bringing along healthy foods is a must.  Here’s a few suggestions to throw in a bag or cooler: Applesauce, low-fat yogurt, veggies and hummus, whole wheat crackers, cheese sticks, fruit (fresh, dried, canned in juice, or fruit leather), popcorn, trail mix, PB&J,  whole grain muffins and breads, and cereals.  For drinks stick to water, 100% fruit juice, or low fat milk.  Be sure to store perishables in a cold place, preferably in the car, instead of the trunk, where the temperature is typically cooler.  If you’re flying, stick with the non-perishable items for safer travel.  

And while we’re on the topic of safe travel, don’t forget your food safety tips (check out this post for a few).  Bring some sanitary wipes or hand sanitizer to clean up before those dirty little hands touch their food and mouths.  Once you make it to your destination, stick perishable foods in a refrigerator or restock the ice in the cooler, keeping cold foods cold (less than 40 degrees F). 

Remember our discussion on getting your kids involved with their food by trying new restaurants?  Vacations are a great chance to expand those little taste buds by trying local cuisine.  Check out some local restaurants if eating out and opt for menu options with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats, veering your littles away from the fried foods when possible.

Vacations are the best and vacation food can also be the best when done right.  We hope you enjoy last few weeks of summer with some yummy food, beautiful scenery and loving family.

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