Mid-Week Favorites

You’ve made it half way through, thank heavens. It has been one of those weeks… I have tried to be on top of everything and still end up short. I had all these great ideas for today’s post, sharing my favorite sensory play ideas, but it just didn’t come together like I thought it would. It is a work in progress and I promise it will be all done for next week. I haven’t even gotten around to reading The Cursed Child… Anyone a Harry Potter fan?!! Today I thought I would share some of my favorite things out there for parents!!

First to jump on the traveling bandwagon, I’m in love with this company that finds kid friendly spaces to stay at when traveling with kiddos. I have traveled a lot with siblings and their little ones, and I’m not excited about this part of parenthood, it can be hard to find accommodating spaces for your family. Well Kid&Coe has got it all covered. They find spaces that have rooms that are children friendly, they list if there are toddler beds or cribs, THey even let you know if they have high chairs and toys. Check them out, their vacations spots are gorgeous! Even without children I would want to stay with them. https://www.kidandcoe.com/

A kid friendly villa in Bali


I’m sure that most of you have heard of BabyLit books. But I still want to rave about them. They have taken classic literature and turned them into age appropriate books for toddlers. They have simple pictures and they are board books, so you don’t mind a little rough play with them. Their warehouse is really close to my house and I own more of their books than I care to admit (I mean Jane Austen for infants, nothing is cuter). Recently they started selling book sets in Costco, which is a great way to start your collection. For you book lovers out there these are the product for you.  http://babylit.com/IMAG0603


I have never used this next product but I love the idea and have heard amazing things about it. Circle with Disney is a device that lets parents manage media content in their home and even set time limits. We all know technology is great, but it is important to set limits for our little ones and even teenagers. Circle with Disney is a one time purchase that will help you set parental controls on all the devices in your home.https://meetcircle.com/circle


And last but not least, I am loving Jane.com. You can search them online or download their app. They sell boutique style merchandise for a much lower price. They even have a children’s section and some of the cutest things from clothes, to nursery decor, and toys. I personally love all the clothes. What I really love about them is that they usually are getting their inventory from small local businesses. They want to make their community better and it shows by the quality of products they sell. Warning: you buy more that you should, but you’ll look great 😉 https://jane.com/jane.com-logo

What are some things you’ve been loving lately? I love how the internet and social media can give us so many resources and ideas, I hope that we can always promote good things from the internet! Hope it’s an amazing Wednesday!!


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