Friday Finds 


My family is traveling at the moment (check out our insta @nurtureyoursprout if you want to follow along!) but I wanted to leave you with a few useful links for your weekend! 

1. It’s one of my favorite days today! The Opening ceremonies for the Olympics will be getting underway in a bit! Do you know where and when to watch? Here’s a handy reference for all the time zones around the world, including several zones in the US: {here

2. Haven’t hear enough about Zika yet? Either way, here’s the latest about the Zika virus in the US (if you’re in Florida, you need to read this stat). Be prepared when traveling, especially if you ARE headed to Rio for the Olympics. More info from the CDC {here

4. Keeping with our travel theme, traveling to Paris just got a whole lot cheaper (think less than $200 one way!!) {here

5. And if you missed it last week, some tips on traveling with your littlest family members {here

6. Lastly, I’m a fan of helping others when they least expect it, so this story about a hairdresser for the homeless made me tear up! I hope it inspires you to do an random act of kindness, especially if you’re traveling to an area of the world that is less fortunate! quick video {here


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