Sensory Play Ideas

How is it going? I feel like summer is starting to wind down, and I’m kind of excited. I’m in love with cooler weather and I have something coming in November that I’m particularly excited about. Speaking of, were any of you afraid of the actual labor? I know when the time comes I’ll have to be ready, but the idea of giving birth is a little frightening to me…

I’m sharing some of my favorite sensory play ideas, some I’ve done myself and some that I’ve had friends and family tell me about. Most of these should just include one or two items and most of them should be found aound your home!

Yogurt Finger Play:

You can just take vanilla yogurt and add food coloring to it. Put your toddler outside or just in their high chair and let them go to town. This can be done with children as young as six months. It’s great to encourage eating and awareness of hand to mouth movement, which will lead to independent eating (who doesn’t want that…). You can even talk about mixing colors, as they get older. This is more of a messy project so be prepared for that.

Water Beads:

You can buy these at Walmart or any local craft store. The ones I found were at Michael’s for four dollars. Put them in a bowl or rubbermade tub and let them explore the odd sensation. You can use cups or scoops to add in an element of hand awareness. If your little one is skeptical, put some of their favorite little toys at the bottom and encourage them to dig through to get them out!IMAG0634

Musical Play:

I really do love music and exposing your child to different volumes and tempos of music can be great for their auditory senses. It is also very stimulating for brain development to hear good music often, such as classic music, nursery rhymes, or simple children’s songs. Grab some spoons from your kitchen and tap along to the beat, this helps build coordination. You can use some old scarfs and dance around, helping improve your little ones balance.

Sand Art:

I also found some colored sand at Michael’s and thought that would be a lot of fun. You can talk to your little one about texture and how sand feels different on your hands and feet. This one is great for dumping and pouring also.IMAG0635

Exercise Ball:

Bouncing your little one on an exercise ball can be great for that proprioception like I discussed a few weeks back. You can hold them and rotate the ball from side to side. You can bounce them up and down to work on balance. Have them stand and you can hold their hands, see if they can balance. These are so fun, and added bonus they get lots of energy out.

Share with us how much your little one loves or hates sensory play?

Hope you have a great week!!


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