Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Kids {Part 2}

Happy Friday, guys! 

In a little bit, my husband and I are headed to our anatomy scan to find out the sex of our baby and we can’t wait! We have some family coming into town so we’ll do a gender reveal with them and hoping to share the news with our readers next week as well, so stay tuned!

If you didn’t catch the first part of our posts on progressive muscle relaxation for kids, check it out {here}. 

I hope you and your kiddos gave the PMR scripts from last week a try, let me know in the comments if you did! Here’s the second half of the relaxation scripts (for the upper body). And remember, the point of these is to learn what a tense muscle feels like and how we can relax it so these exercises are helpful for adults as well 😉 

Pretend you are washing a car and you have a sponge full of soapy water in each hand. Squeeze your hands to try to get all the water out. Squeeze harder and feel the droplets of water run down. Keep squeezing and hold it for ten seconds. Feel the muscles in your arms tense up as you use all your strength to keep squeezing. Did all the water come out? Do your hands feel tired? Or rested now that they are relaxed? 

Pretend your are about to hang from the monkey bars at the playground. Reach up high above you and stretch as high as you can go. Feel your shoulders raise upward and their muscles tense. Hold your reach toward the sky for ten seconds. Feel your arms lengthen and their muscles contract as you reach for the monkey bars with all your strength. And relax. Let your arms go limp at your sides. Give them a gentle shake to relax your arm and shoulder muscles. 

Touch your right ear to your right shoulder and feel your muscles stretch. Hold that stretch for 5 seconds and then repeat on the other side. Bring your chin to your chest as far as you can go and notice how the muscles on the back of your neck lengthen and stretch. Hold that position for 5 seconds. Now pretend your head is being pulled toward the clouds and reach up high with the top of your head toward the sky. Pretend you are a giraffe trying to get a leaf from a very tall tree. Stretch that neck and feel the tension in your muscles as you get near that leaf. Hold that stretch for 5 seconds. Relax your neck again and feel your muscles get smaller again. How do your neck muscles feel when they are stretched? When they aren’t?

Repeat these exercises as necessary, you can even incorporate these into your bedtime routine to help your little sprouts’ bodies relax and get ready to sleep.

I’m excited to try this with my little one when he’s a bit older, I know he’ll love pretending to be different animals and stretching different parts of his body. Let me know if you come up with other vignettes that your little one’s like!

Happy weekend!! 

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