It’s a……!! 

When we first found out we were expecting another baby we were thrilled and a little scared we’d forgotten how to take care of a newborn (ok that last one was mostly me). Shortly thereafter, my husband mentioned we should begin writing down all the things we’d need again but soon realized we’d need a few different items if this baby was a girl.  And so began our daily conversations of “this is for sure a boy, no wait I feel like it’s a girl”. With our first babe we just knew he was a boy all along.

Although we are a bit more than halfway through with this pregnancy, it still doesn’t seem quite real! I think that’s been because I’ve felt completely different than I did with my last pregnancy. Did this happen to you? Two completely different pregnancies? I’ve been lucky this time around to have little to no (mostly no) morning sickness, only a couple of weeks in which I was really tired, and my normal appetite for this first half of the pregnancy. All of which have been a huge blessing as I’ve taken care of my little tornado of a toddler. I have friends who are sick their entire pregnancies and they are truly rock stars in my book, I don’t know many things that are worse than incapacitating morning sickness! Moms truly are incredible!

And speaking of incredible, and hilarious if you ask me, all my aunts and my grandmother on my mom’s side of the family are expecting, betting, and wanting me to have a girl. Not surprising, since it is a very powerful matriarchy over there 💁🏻, but as for me….. I guess I’d be fine with either. Healthy or with health issues, sweet-tempered or whiny, boy or girl, this next little baby will be so so loved no matter what. 

Our sweet James has been such a dream of a kid and I can just imagine him growing up with another car-loving, wheel-loving, vroom-vroom-loving brother. And my heart instantly melts. On the other hand, I know my husband is dying for a daddy’s girl (that phrase tho, ugh) at some point. Good thing we’re (still) planning on having a large family because this babe is a… Boy!! 

Growing up in that matriarchy and having no brothers I feel like I’m in very foreign territory, though in his two short years my little boy has introduced me to all things automobile related so I guess that’s a start! We are so thrilled and can’t wait for this baby boy to get here. You guys, kids are the best, you know ;). Thanks for following along! Can’t wait to share the rest of this crazy time with our readers! 

Xx Monica 

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