Online Family Resources



Today I wanted to share with you guys some websites that are professional and resourceful. It can be daunting to sift through websites and articles trying to find an answer, especially about your little ones. And the reality is that we all go to google with questions about our children. I thought I would give some websites that I have used as a references for my own use, as well as for families in need.



In my job I meet with a lot of families, and a very common question we get is about Autism. Considering how often I hear about it, most families are uninformed of what autism actually looks like. I am able to give a pretty basic run down and talk to families about red flags, but a lot of time families have already googled Autism and we all know how that goes… I refer a lot of families to this website AustimSpeaks, It is a great resource if you have concerns about autism or are just wondering what Autism is. The link that I’ve provided is to ‘what is Autism,’ but there are a lot of different options to check out on this page.

What’s Your Grief


This is a website that I learned about when I was taking a child life course, and thought it was pretty amazing. It is an easy to navigate website about grief. No matter the stage of grief you might be in, there is something for you here. There is even an area of creative prompts and a place to share them if that is a way you like to deal with your grief. They do scrapbook pages, poems, stories, letters, etc. The whole point of this website is to connect those who are grieving to the resources out there. So many parents have lost someone they love and need to have the healing they deserve, and in their own time.

Help Me Grow Utah


This last one is pretty amazing. I really love their website, but you can actually call in and ask any questions you might have. Their main purpose is to provide resources for parents and help connect them to those resources. Anywhere from housing, to food, to good child care. If you call them they can even send you a developmental screener to check up on your child. If you want to call you dial information or 2-1-1 and then ask to be transferred to Help Me Grow.

I hope that you had time to check some of these out. They are all amazing and have been helpful to me and the families I work for.

What are some helpful websites that you like?



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