Autumn and Development

I love fall so much. Probably my second most favorite season (I’m a snow lover..) And it is such a fun time to get out with your little ones. Nature is one of the best teachers, being outside and holding something tangible can be such a sensory rich experience for our little ones. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite Fall activities and how you can incorporate early learning.


Pumpkin Picking:

I try and go to a pumpkin patch every year, I just love the whimsy of pumpkins on everyone’s doorstep. I even had pumpkins at my wedding… But no matter where you get your pumpkins, it can be a great opportunity to talk about size. Ask your child if they want a little or a big one, see if they know the difference. Talk about how some are round and some are skinny. Let them try and pick up one that is too heavy and discuss how it is ‘too big!’


Decorating your pumpkin:

For your little little ones, you can still let your child help decorate their own pumpkin, put them outside with some paint and let them finger paint their own pumpkin. Give them some stickers to put on their pumpkin. When they are a little older let them feel the inside of the pumpkins, (great sensory play) talk about how it feels, smells, you can even let them taste it…


Caramel Apples:

Leisa would agree that letting your little one help you cook or prepare a treat is usually messier but always worth it. And caramel apples can be a fun tradition to share with them. If you aren’t sure they are ready to stir the hot caramel, or even dip the apple, you may want to let them sprinkle the oreo crumbles, or nuts over the hot caramel.


Nature Walk:

Who doesn’t love when the colors change in the fall. I feel like it is so nice to see a change after those hot summer months, especially in Utah. Take your little ones out, talk with them about the colors, let them feel the leaves and crunch them under their feet. If they are a little older talk to them about why they change, and you can even add in a social story about changes in their lives.



However spooky your house may get, changing up the decorations can be a great time to encourage new words with your little one. A child I work with has been so excited about his parents decorations that he has learned the words ‘spider’ ‘boo’ ‘pumpkin’ ‘witch.’ Switching up the routine can be a great time to learn new words and encourage language development.


I hope some of these have been helpful. Enjoy these cooler nights and last days of being outside before the really cold weather hits.


What are some things you do in the fall that involve your little one?


How are you incorporating development?


XO Deborah

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