Friday Finds

Hi all! 

Can you believe we’re halfway thru October already?? I’m just soaking up all of the halloween goodness and the cool air before it switches to the next holiday. And as a fun bonus, my little one is putting two-and-two together more and more so the concept of Halloween is starting to take shape in his mind (right now he’s obsessed with making a witch’s face by frowning, see pic below!) 

Here are some fun links I found this week which you may be interested in:

1. I’m a huge Trader Joe’s fan. When we lived in NYC it was my lifeline to outstandingly delicious and affordable food. Here are the 8 best things to buy at TJs, according to Nutritionists. 

2. This would make such a great birthday (Or Christmas *hint hint*) gift for the little fashionista or artist in your life. They get to color their own dresses and Picture This makes a real like outfit for your girl. How cool is that! 

3. An interesting study about the effects of using our smartphones while parenting. If you’re like me you’re probably guilty of this, so it was a good reminder for me to “set boundaries” w/ my phone as the study suggests.  

4. Here are some easy Halloween decor to make your home more spooky. I’m in love with the succulents in pumpkins

5. And one of my favorites, some Halloween board books for your little ones! I just picked up some books for my toddler and I’m telling you he lights up when he sees the decorations and pumpkins from his books in real like (tho I will say, as much as he likes to make the “witch face” below, he’s still a bit scared of witch decor that cackles haha) 

Happy weekend!!

Xo Monica  

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