Year One: Developmental Skills


year-oneI was talking with my sister-in-law, and she was asking what skills her child should be doing that are age appropriate. She asked if I would do a few posts about it. I thought it best to break it up by years and today is year one. I’m hoping to have a printable chart for you, but my excel is giving me grief…. ugh technology. So for now you’ll just have to read the post.

I will give a disclaimer though, these are approximate ages for these skills!! So please do not worry if your child isn’t quite doing a skill by that age. My purpose in sharing these is not to set more expectations or standards that you feel you have to meet. But more as a way for you to look at some things that you could do with your little one. Life gets busy, and most children meet skills without evening being exposed, so even if you feel like they aren’t doing something, practice!!

Year one

  • Fisted Hands (newborn)
  • Responds to voice (1 month)
  • Eyes follow moving object or person (1 month)
  • Turns side to back (2 months)
  • Legs kicking (2 months)
  • Holds rattle for 5-10 seconds before dropping (2 months)
  • Reaches for objects (3 months)
  • Babbles (3 months)
  • Grabs dangling ring (4 months)
  • Eyes follow a ring (4 months)
  • Picks up cube (5 months)
  • Rolls (6 months)
  • Picks up cereal with whole palm (6 months)
  • Mouths toys (6 months)
  • Holds two cubes (7 months)
  • Take solids (7 months)
  • Finger feeds dry cereal  (7 months)
  • Sits up without support (8 months)
  • Crawls (8 months)
  • Pulls to stand (8 months)
  • Combines syllables da-da, ma-ma, ba-ba (8 months)
  • Grasps objects with thumb and forefinger (9 months)
  • Shakes head no-no (9 months)
  • Stands with one hand held (10 months)
  • Point (10 months)
  • Uncovers hidden toy (10 months)
  • May call parents ma-ma, da-da (10 months)
  • Walks with both hands held (11 months)
  • Stand alone (11 months)
  • Uses pincer grasp (11 months)
  • Stands alone, may take a step (12 months)
  • Stacks tower of cubes (12 months)
  • Drops toy in cup or container (12 months)


I hope these have been helpful!! Let me know what you think?

xo Deborah


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