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Healthy Halloween Tips

fullsizerender-11Happy Halloween! Yes, I know I’m a week early, but in preparation for the big day (Halloween, not Christmas…luckily we still have a few weeks before that starts…) I thought we could discuss some tips for a safe, healthy, happy Halloween.

  1. Help your sprouts enjoy only wrapped treats! Unless you know whose kitchen the homemade goodies are from, be sure they only eat the prepackaged candy.  In addition, make sure they wait to dig into their sugar stash until they’ve returned home and had a chance to sort through everything with you, just to make sure nothing is opened and everything looks safe (that sounds so dramatic but you know what I mean).
  2. Help your sprouts understand moderation! Halloween is a great time to teach moderation.  When they get home sort through the candy with them and help them pick out a few favorites to enjoy over the next few days.  The remainder of the candy can be donated.  Some pediatrician or dental offices even offer candy buy-backs, giving your kiddos a chance to earn some money in exchange for their Halloween candy.  Once they’ve picked out their faves, make sure they understand they will get a few pieces a day, not the entire bucket on November 1. Don’t forget to reward them for all their hard work trick-or-treating with a few pieces on Halloween night!
  3. Consider picking a healthier treat to pass out! Everyone else in the neighborhood might be handing out Starbursts, so consider going against the grain by giving individual packages of pretzels, or crackers, fruit leathers, or even non-food items like stickers, pencils or glow sticks.  These treats have less sugar and your littles will love something different from the regular old tootsie roll.  Then, you won’t have to worry as much about the leftovers!
  4. Be aware of food safety at parties! If you’re throwing your sprouts a party or attending one with them, be sure the cold food items are kept cold and the hot food items are kept hot.  Also be sure to avoid unpasteurized items like raw eggs in cookie dough, and unpasteurized apple cider.  

So, prepare for a fun healthy holiday with your sprouts next week by following some of these tips.  Also, be sure to come back next week for a yummy treat idea to serve those weary trick-or-treaters (and their weary parents!).

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