Year Two: Developmental Skills

developmental-skillsHello everyone!

This week we are talking skills children learn in their second year of life, 12-24 months. Of course there are a lot of skills your little one could be learning. These are a few of the main ones you want to see happening during this second year of life. Your child should be getting more independent, especially in feeding and starting to dress themselves. They will even build that vocab to help get their needs met.

  • Throws ball (13 months)
  • Looks when asked ‘where is the ball?” (13 months)
  • Puts round shape into puzzle or formboard (14 months)
  • Holds three items (13 months)
  • Walks alone, seldom falls (15 months)
  • Asks for object by pointing and vocalizing (15 months)
  • Jabbers a lot (15 months)
  • Puts items in a box and takes items out (16 months)
  • Holds cup and drinks from it without spilling (16 months)
  • Will help put away toys on request (17 months)
  • Runs (18 months)
  • Scribble (18 months)
  • Point to at least one named body part (18 months)
  • Will spoon feed with little spilling (18 months)
  • Unzips zipper (18 months)
  • Will point to pictures in a book (18 months)
  • Names one picture (19 months)
  • Follows one step directions (20 months)
  • Complete a three piece puzzle (22 months)
  • Help put her shoes on (22 months)
  • Attempts to fold paper (24 months)
  • Speaks about 20-50 words (24 months)
  • Puts two words together (24 months)
  • Imitates vertical and circular strokes (24 months)
  • May refer to self by name (24 months)
  • Understands and asks for another or more (24 months)
  • Enjoys role play (wrapping up a doll) (24 months)
  • May verbalize or show toilet needs (24 months)
  • Pulls pants on and off (24 months)


Let me know what things your little one likes to help with!

Also baby update, I’m about 36 weeks and getting so excited about this little one to be here, but also hoping he stays in there so I can get everything done. I mean laundering all those little onesies… Hoping to have some nursery pictures to share next week.

xo Deborah

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