Year Three: Developmental Skills


I hope you all had a great Halloween!!! This week we are discussing developmental skills from kiddos 24 months to 36 months (two to three). During this year you will see a lot more independent skills emerging and some pre-school skills. Such a fun year to see them grow up and become their own person. There are also some difficult skills that your two year old is dealing with, check out my post on the ‘terrible two’s’

  • Uses pronouns ‘I’ ‘you’ ‘me’ (24 months)
  • Starts to refer to self by name (24 months)
  • Folds paper (24 months)
  • Pats baby doll, rocks the doll (24 months)
  • Makes a train of cubes (27 months)
  • Imitates drawing vertical, horizontal, and circle line (27 months)
  • Repeats two digits (27 months)
  • Starts to learn differences of big and little (27 months)
  • Walks backwards (28 months)
  • Builds towers of at least eight cubes (30 months)
  • Will hold pencil with thumb and forefinger instead of fist (30 months)
  • Names at least five pictures when asked ‘what is this?’ (30 months)
  • Sort objects/toys by colors and shapes (33 months)
  • Zipping a bag or jacket (30 months)
  • Two step directions (go get shoes and bring them here) (30 months)
  • Is saying plurals  (33 months)
  • Cuts with scissors (36 months)
  • Can identify if they are a boy or a girl (36 months)

I hope you are all enjoying time with your little ones and getting to know them more

xo Deborah

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