Thoughts on Early Brain Development

thoughts-onI went to a conference this last week on early brain development. And thought I would share some of the things I learned. We discussed a lot about brain development in utero and that definitely piqued my interested, knowing that my little one is still in there.

  • Children are learning in utero and creating brain pathways that will be used when they are born. A study was done that children who were read the same book every night, from twenty weeks gestation to birth, would calm to that same story as infants. They had formed a connection with that book and how it was read and were able to remember that. The same goes with songs sung to them in utero. Isn’t that amazing? Not only can your little one hear in utero, but they also can remember and recognize stories and songs.
  • We also discussed how many words children hear and how that can affect their literacy level as school aged children. There was a study done, called the thirty million word gap, and not only does it matter how many words your children hears but what kind of words. Children that hear positively phrased words, such as ‘you did it!’ ‘I’m proud of you,’ ‘good job’, have better vocabulary and literacy outcomes than those who hear negative phrases. Even children under the age of one can differentiate the difference between a positive and a negative word. Their little minds can do so much.
  • The last thing I was thinking about during this conference was how miraculous pregnancy is. We discussed a lot of atypical types of brain development that can happen in utero, and it can be devastating. Even with that happening, it is such a low percentage. The majority of children develop normal in utero. Given what can go wrong, it is amazing how we are able to have so many smart children.  

I hope that this info was helpful. Let me know if you would like to know more about early brain development. I didn’t want to bore you too much.

Baby update:

One week to our due date!! I can’t believe how fast it has come, but excited to see this little one. He looks pretty happy in my tummy, so the doctor thinks he will make his entrance after his due date, probably on Thanksgiving 😉

Xo Deborah

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