Some of My Favorite Things


I can’t believe that my little one came. I was feeling like I might be pregnant for another week or so. I’m posting an article I wrote before baby came and will hopefully post some of the birth story next week.

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite things that we’ve gotten for baby. I am getting excited to use them.  I won’t lie, it feels overwhelming knowing what you need for baby. So many gadgets and gear out there how can you possibly know? I am one that tends to prescribe to less is more, but needless to say, you need stuff for baby.


Boba Carrier:

I really couldn’t decide if I wanted a wrap or a carrier. And I guess time will tell if I like what I chose. But I’m really excited about this carrier, it can be used with a newborn and comes with a little pillow so he can be swaddled inside the carrier. He will also be able to grow with the carrier, it can be worn on your back with a child that weighs up to forty pounds.


Tummy time book:

This was a gift given to me by a coworker of mine who is a physical therapist. It is amazing, it is a little stand that folds, so one side is a mirror and the other side has black and white pictures. Did you know that in those first couple months children are really drawn to contrasting pictures?


Snuggle sack:

When I worked in the daycare I was in the infant room and I will tell you what, the little ones with snuggle or sleep sacks slept so well. They just loved being cuddled up in there. It is so nice too because you can keep them warm without worrying about blankets.


O-ball car:

The O-ball brand is pretty amazing and I’m loving this car. My little nephew has it and I was hoping to get one for our little one.

Teething necklace:

One of my sister in laws gave me this teething necklace and oh my. It’s so cute and so smart!


Cat and Jack:

I was a little sad about not buying cute girl clothes, but boy was I wrong (no pun intended). And I’m loving Targets new brand Cat and Jack. We have gotten some of the cutest clothes from there and it’s more affordable.



I’m super excited about this one. I hope it’s as great as I’m thinking. It’s a little bassinet, meant to go in your bed. So you won’t worry about cosleeping with your little one.


What are some of your favorite baby items??
XO Deborah

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