Child Development

A New Year {2017}


Hello, Deborah here! I hope that you all had a great holiday! I know that we did, it was very busy but fun to see family and friends. We mostly stayed home with our new little one, which was just perfect. Lots of Christmas movies and newborn snuggles. But no matter how much fun the holidays are I’m always excited for a new year. For a fresh start and for life to find routine again. It is so calming for me to fall back into regularity and add something new to my day.

At Nurture Your Sprout, we are looking forward to a New Year with all of you. We have big things planned and hope to get to know more of you as we join you in raising and nurting your little ones.

I know not everyone sets new year’s resolutions, but we hope that we can be apart of your year and goals as we help you engage more with your little one, take time to play and be silly, look for new ways to have fun with food and improve your child’s nutrition, and learn to be kinder to yourself as a parent or caregiver.

We would really love to personalize our posts to help you and your family. Comment below some questions or topics you’d like us to discuss.

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