Four Indoor Activities – With little to no set up or clean up!


Ever feel like you all you do is clean?

And then to add an activity that needs more cleaning?

Today I’m sharing a few play ideas that have little to no set up or clean up!

Painting with Water:


This is one of my favorite activities especially for little ones and can be done multiple ways. In the winter we typically just take some water and paint brushes and paint on construction paper. In the summer I let my son ‘paint’ whatever he would like outside, the cement, the front door, the brick on the side of our house. It is so fun for them to watch the paint disappear. Sometimes we go to the park down the street and paint the slides. This is a great fine motor skill.

Age suggestion: 9 months -3 years

Masking Tape Walk:

This one seems so simple, but your toddler will have the best time. Simply take masking or paint tape and make lines down the hall or in your living room and ask your child to walk down it. You can change it up by asking them to run down the line, hop down the line, jump over the line, etc. When you are done encourage them to pick up the tape (lots of fine motor and concentration).

Age suggestion: 18 months – 3 years

Sticker Color Match:


Tape four different colored papers on the wall. Find a pack of stickers (you know you have some, somewhere! But if not, I really like the ones at the dollar store that you use for garage sales). Give your child a sticker and then ask them to match with the corresponding paper.

Age suggestion: 18 months-3 years

Glove pick up:

This is hands down the funniest activity. And all you need is a pair of gloves (we use gardening gloves) and some toys to clean up. We call them magic cleaning gloves and put them on to put toys away. My little one thinks it is hilarious and tries so hard to pick everything up. This is quite literally the least messy activity because you’ve tricked your child into cleaning up for you. It also teaches great motor coordination, since it makes picking up harder.

Age suggestion: 2 years – 4 years


I’d love to hear what activity your child likes!!

xo Deborah


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